Issue - meetings


Meeting: 20/07/2017 - Council (Item 22)

Notices of Motion

(1)  Proposed by Councillor Hilton


"This council agrees that the level of street cleaning could be much better than it is and that the level of cleanliness in Gloucester is not up to the standard we would expect for an historic city.


This council calls on the Cabinet Member to provide each city councillor with full details of the cleaning regime in their wards, with details of how often each street, open space and public footpath is cleaned.


This council calls on the cabinet member to provide a report on how he intends to improve street cleaning in Gloucester, looking at three zones; the city centre, edge of the city centre and the suburbs."


(2)  Proposed by Councillor James


“Notes that the date of this Council meeting is exactly 10 years since the devastating floods of 2007 hit Gloucester, affecting over 1000 homes and leading to a loss of water supply;


Further notes the huge amount of work carried out by the City and County Councils, the Environment Agency and Severn Trent Water, including dozens of flood alleviation schemes large and small, to guard against a recurrence;


Recalls the heroic work of the emergency services, military and volunteers in helping those in need at that time;


Believes that the positive legacy from this awful event was the great community spirit that helped the city through and that, especially in light of recent national events, the continuation of that spirit must be encouraged.” 


(3)  Proposed by Councillor Pullen


“This Council believes that a fully staffed, public front facing reception is a vital aspect of council services in meeting the needs of the residents of Gloucester.  Integral to this service is a ‘Drop In Service’ that offers help advice and information to people when they need it.


This council recognises that people dealing with complex issues, facing an emergency or crisis situation need to speak to an advisor face to face in order to resolve issues. Such situations cannot be planned for or predicted and therefore need to be dealt with immediately and without the need to make an appointment.


This council will therefore always provide a drop in service for people in crisis, when they need it and in a way that meets their needs.”  


(4)  Proposed by Councillor Coole


“Council recognises the important contribution that Public Sector workers contribute to our society.


Council particularly acknowledges the vital work of our emergency services, both in Gloucester and across the Country, especially in light of recent tragedies where the emergency services have gone above and beyond.


Council believes that asking public sector workers to continue to accept declining living standards and differentials and to continue to fall behind the private sector is not fair or justifiable. Public sector workers deserve fair pay.


Council resolves to write to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, to lobby for the lifting of the Public Sector pay cap.”



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