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This page lists the meetings for Council.


Information about Council

All 39 councillors meet together as the full Council, presided over by the Mayor, eight times a year. Here Councillors decide the overall policies and set the budget each year. The main roles of the full Council are:


-To appoint the Mayor and Sheriff/Deputy Mayor for the forthcoming municipal year

-To appoint and remove the Leader of the Council

-To set the budget and level of Council Tax

-To approve the policy framework. The policy framework is the collection of plans and strategies that dictate the Council’s overall policy direction


At Council meetings there is opportunity for all Councillors to ask questions of the Leader and Cabinet Members.


The Council also debates Notices of Motion, which are requests from Councillors for an issue of city-wide importance to be discussed and a decision to be made.


Meetings of the Council are open to the public except where personal or confidential matters are being discussed.