Agenda item

Internal Audit Progress Report 2018/19

To consider the report of the Head of Audit Risk Assurance informing the Committee of the Internal Audit Risk activity progress in relation to the approved Internal Audit Plan 2018/19.


35.1    The Committee considered the report on Internal Audit Progress for 2018/19. The Group Manager ARA informed the Committee that all three of the internal audits that were finalised between September and October had resulted in findings of satisfactory risk assurance.


35.2    In relation to the Audit Activity regarding the Disabled Facilities Grant, Councillor Stephens’ asked for an explanation for the DFG underspend. Councillor Wilson queried how the audit could be satisfactory despite the significant underspend. 


35.3    In response, the ARA Group Manager confirmed that the internal audit scope was specific to whether the DFG process in place at the Council was compliant with legislation and had been satisfied based on audit review and testing that it was. The Head of Communities stated that the Private Sector Housing team was reviewing how it dealt with DFG and how public awareness could be raised. He confirmed that the outcomes could be reported back to the Committee towards the end of the financial year. It was reported that DFG funding had increased in the past years as part of the Better Care Fund and collaboration with the NHS. As in other areas of the County any unallocated DFG was redeployed through the Better Care Fund. It was also noted that a percentage of applicants do not meet the necessary criteria to receive the DFG.


35.4    In response to a question about responsibilities and accountability the Head of Communities explained that the County Council’s Occupational Therapist team make recommendation about appropriate adaptions and the City Council’s Private Sector Housing Team then determine whether a DFG can be awarded, so accountabilities lies with both the County and City Council. He agreed to supply the Committee with details of the total number of DFG applications over the previous 24 months, the statutory timescale and the time taken to process the applications.


35.5    In relation to the Audit of Great Place Funding, Councillor Stephens was advised that further funding for Strand 4 (Destination Marketing) had been suspended, as per the Audit Recommendation, pending further clarity about the funding and financial arrangements for that Strand.


35.6    In response to a question about matched funding, the Corporate Director replied that funding came from a variety of different sources, including the NHS, Art Council England and other heritage partners and the private sector. Details of where and how the funding was applied and outcomes were regularly reported by the Culture Trust.


35.7    It was noted that Councillor Lise Noakes had stepped down as Chair of the Trust and had been replaced by another trustee, Anne Cranston.


35.8    RESOLVED:-

(1) The Committee accept the progress made against the Internal Audit Plan 2018/19;

(2) The Committee accept the assurance opinions provided in relation to the effectiveness of the Council’s control environment comprising of risk management, control and governance arrangements as a result of the Internal Audit activity completed to date;

(3) A management update report in relation to DFG be added to the Committee’s Work Programme

(4) That the number of DFG applications in respect of 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19 (to date) be made available to the Committee.

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