Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Council Tax - Civil Penalties ref: 91110/07/201919/07/2019Call-in expired
Kings Quarter Regeneration ref: 91310/07/201919/07/2019Call-in expired
Equality and Diversity - Vision and Action Plan for 2019-20 ref: 90710/07/201919/07/2019Call-in expired
Community Wellbeing Engagement Update ref: 90810/07/201919/07/2019Call-in expired
Gloucester Heritage Strategy ref: 91210/07/201919/07/2019Call-in expired
2018-19 Year End Performance Report ref: 91010/07/201919/07/2019Call-in expired
2018-19 Financial Outturn Report ref: 90910/07/201919/07/2019Call-in expired
Members' IT Equipment Upgrade ref: 90601/07/201909/07/2019Call-in expired


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