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South West Provincial Council


The Provincial Council is the joint negotiating machinery for the South West. It comprises the employers’ side (South West Provincial Employers) and the trade union side and provides a forum for discussion, debate and negotiation on human resource issues.

The Provincial Council meets twice yearly and the Employers’ side has a Management Committee, which meets three times a year to continue business.

The functions of the Provincial Council are:

  • To exchange ideas with the view of increasing the understanding of the two Sides.
  • To promote good industrial relations practice and training, including the development of good personnel practice.
  • To undertake tasks as required by the National Joint Council.
  • To establish and give legitimacy to dispute and conciliation machinery.
  • To facilitate, should the need arise, the negotiation of collective agreements.
  • To issue advice, as appropriate, to Local Authorities and Unions.
  • To provide a forum for discussion on key strategic issues affecting Local Government industrial relations/training/personnel.

Contact information

Location: SW Councils

Dennett House
11 Middle Street

Phone: 01823 270101

Website: http://wwwsouthwest-ra.gov.uk

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Email: info@swcouncils.gov.uk