Issue - meetings

Public Question Time (15 minutes)

Meeting: 13/06/2018 - Cabinet (Item 3)

Public Question Time (15 minutes)

The opportunity is given to members of the public to put questions to Cabinet Members or Committee Chairs provided that a question does not relate to:


·         Matters which are the subject of current or pending legal proceedings, or

·         Matters relating to employees or former employees of the Council or comments in respect of individual Council Officers


A member of the public drew the Leader of the Council’s attention to a series of cases where increases in the numbers of homeless and vulnerable people seeking assistance, apparent reductions in assistance available and perceived failings have been reported.  He asked which of these the Leader was most proud of and sought reassurance that responses to the points raised would be made public.  The Leader of the Council answered that many of the cases were not under the control of the Council.  He informed the questioner that these matters required a more detailed response than could be made without having seen the question in advance.  The Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods commented that she would welcome a more detailed discussion on these points and stated that although some matters were outside of the remit of the Council nonetheless Members recognised its influence and that she was working with Cabinet colleagues to address issues underlying the statistics presented. 


A resident asked the Cabinet Member for Environment and Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure if a clear policy controlling noise from planned events would be implemented to incorporate the Noise Council Code of Practice.  The Cabinet Member for Environment replied that Members were aware of the importance of keeping down excessive noise to all residents and were keen to work with them in tackling the issue.  He gratefully accepted the resident’s offer to supply his personal log of intrusive noise from Gloucester Park, copies of industry guidance and the example of a successful policy from another local authority.