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Public Question Time (15 minutes)

Meeting: 14/06/2023 - Cabinet (Item 3)

Public Question Time (15 minutes)

The opportunity is given to members of the public to put questions to Cabinet Members. A question may be rejected if it:


(i)         Is not about a matter for which the local authority has responsibility or influence; or

(ii)        Is illegal, improper, defamatory, frivolous or offensive; or

(iii)    Is substantially the same as a question which has been put at a meeting of the Council, Cabinet or Committee in the past 6 months; or

(iv)   Requires the disclosure of confidential or exempt information; or

(v)    Is related to confidential staffing matters; or

(vi)   Is relating to the personal affairs or conduct of individual Members or Officers.


To ask a question at this meeting, please submit it to by 12 noon on Friday 9th June 2023 or telephone 01452 396203 for support.



A member of the public representing Gloucestershire Catch the Bus Campaign referred to the written questions submitted as below. The Leader of the Council advised him that the answers would appear in the minutes as below. 


Regarding question 1 the Leader of the Council emphasised that to avoid a breach of contract, the existing lease had to expire before a new arrangement could be made.  In relation to question 5 the Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods advised that the public should report issues to the City Protection Officers during usual office hours or the police at other times.


(1)       What progress is being made on reopening the Gloucester Transport Hub café  and kiosk since the issue was addressed at Cabinet on 6th April 2022 (Minute 108)?


Leader of the Council’s Response: Both the Transport Hub café and kiosk are leased to operators. As neither are trading at present, officers are in discussions with both leaseholders with a view to ensuring these facilities are reopened at the earliest opportunity.


(2)       What progress is being made to put back combined bus, railway and National Express coach departure displays at Gloucester Transport Hub?


Leader of the Council’s Response: Whilst the Council has provided facilities to enable the display of information to Transport Hub users, it is for the operators (not the Council) to provide the relevant information. Gloucestershire County Council have overall responsibility for display content.


(3)       The roof is leaking in the Transport Hub near the National Express coach bay, what progress is being made to repair the leaks?


Leader of the Council’s Response: The Transport Hub gutters were blocked causing overflow into the Hub itself. Work has been instructed to clear the gutters which should prevent further leaks, as well as an enhanced maintenance schedule being put in place to prevent this happening again.


(4)       Concerning the Transport Hub toilets, whilst disabled passengers have radar keys it appears that we need extra emergency keys to held in the bus and station?


Leader of the Council’s Response: I understand that additional keys are held at the bus station for emergencies.


(5)       What work is going on to make sure more patrols in the evening are carried out by the city marshals and Gloucestershire police to deal with anti-social behaviour issues and graffiti around the city bus shelters and infrastructure?


Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods’ Response: Gloucester operates the partnership Street Aware model which incorporates the Council, Solace, Police, CitySafe/CPOs as well as other partners as needed.


The City Protection Officers (CPOs) work until 6pm on a weekday and 10pm on a Friday & Saturday, and they patrol the City throughout their shifts. CPOs are often the first responders in reports of anti-social behaviour (ASB) and they play an integral role in our Street Aware process by intervening and addressing ASB where they can, and sharing evidence for further action against perpetrators where required. Currently the Council, ASB Team, Solace, are working with County Highways to address issues at  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3