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Performance Report - Determination of Planning Applications

Meeting: 02/04/2024 - Planning Committee (Item 73)


Application for Determination:


Demolition of existing buildings and redevelopment of site to provide residential led mixed use scheme.


This application was deferred at the previous Planning Committee meeting.

Additional documents:


Officer Report


The Principal Planning Officer presented the report which detailed an application for the demolition of existing buildings and redevelopment of site to provide residential led mixed use scheme. The application had been deferred at the previous committee meeting.


Public Speeches


A representative for Clarehouse Developments Ltd addressed the Committee in favour of the application.


·       In regard to the concerns raised about the Hare Lane colour scheme, the applicant had provided 3 potential options, which was included in the late material. The visualisations showed that the design and colour scheme would not be similar to the existing building, and the proposed build demonstrated a beneficial effect in the quality and character.

·       Regarding concerns raised about highway safety on Pitt Street, particularly for schoolchildren who went to Kings School. The applicant sympathised with the children of King’s School. However, the proposed change of use would lead to a reduction of movements.

·       Regarding concerns raised by some members in relation to Car Parking. The applicant believed that owing to the highly sustainable location of the site and its strong links to public transport, the applicant had not proposed to provide additional parking. It would also affect scheme viability.

·       In regard to the concern raised about whether there was a gap between the building site and the Raven Centre Site. This matter was covered by the Party Wall Act and the Planning Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas act. It was understood that the two buildings were not connected.

·       The applicant did not propose to have the build tied in or connected to the Raven Centre.

·       There were significant public benefits to the scheme, including 11 affordable homes on a currently underutilised premises that did not make a positive contribution to the City. There would also be green landscaping introduced.

·      The proposal would have numerous economic benefits including a CIL payment of over £200,000 and a total provision of over £500,000.

·       There would be significant job creation during the construction phase of the development.




Members’ Questions



The Principal Planning Officer responded to Members’ questions concerning whether the material at the frontage was made of brick and the colour of it, questions concerning the colour of the railings at the top of the build, the design of top storey, whether the design was similar to a different scheme in Southgate Street, whether children would occupy the dwellings, whether the adjacent car park belonged to the City Council and if the developer would purchase car parking spaces from the Council, washing, whether a stipulation could be included that would exclude large construction vehicles going down Pitt Street during the construction phase of development, the speed limit down Pitt Street whether the Police had made any further comments on the application, what was the allowance for cycle storage, and what influence the Planning Committee could have on the colour as follows:


·       The material on the front of the site was brick.

·       The visual indicated that the brick would be of a silvery-grey colour. There was  ...  view the full minutes text for item 73