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Public Space Protection Order Consultation Report and Proposal

To receive the report of the Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods concerning the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) public consultation and seeking endorsement of the proposals approved by Cabinet.


18.1    Council considered the report of Councillor Watkins, Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods, seeking approval for the implementation of a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).


18.2    Councillor Watkins highlighted key areas of the report and in particular thanked those Members who had taken part in the consultation. She informed the Committee that there had been 2,100 alcohol related incidents in a year and noted the work of the Task and Finish Group on High Strength Alcohol. Councillor Watkins further noted that the three Barton and Tredworth Councillors had enquired if such a measure could be employed in the Barton and Tredworth Area.


18.3    Councillor Hilton stated that he was happy to endorse the proposal, particularly the alcohol free zone which would be across the City. He expressed concern that no date had been set for when the Order would be implemented and suggested it would be good to do so immediately.


18.4    Councillor Pullen advised that the Labour Group had always been broadly supportive of the PSPO and that it was positive that homeless people would not be affected. He queried whether the Cabinet had raised expectations and queried why the consultation considered matters when there was already legislation in place to combat such issues.


18.5    Councillor James thanked Councillor Watkins and Officers for their work in putting together the PSPO. He stated that he recognised that fewer issues were included but that it was a question of whether there was sufficient evidence to include them.


18.6    Councillor Haigh stated that she hoped for proper enforcement. She referred to the lack of evidence available in showing the use of psychoactive substances having a detrimental impact on the City. She further referred to data not being collected in this respect. She stated that paraphernalia associated with the use of psychoactive substances was classed as litter rather than dealing with it as an issue in itself.


18.7    Councillor Stephens shared his view that some issues raised by respondents had not been included. He stated that he understood the matter would be due for review in a year’s time and suggested that the use of psychoactive substances be included as a prohibited behaviour.


18.8    Councillor Watkins stated that the PSPO would not be working in isolation. She further stated that she would like it to be implemented as quickly as possible but that there was a necessary lead in time and that enforcement was being finalised. Councillor Watkins also advised that the Safer and Attractive Streets team would gather data on the use of psychoactive substances.




18.9    RESOLVED that:-


(1)      The results of the PSPO consultation be noted;


(2)      To note that previous delegation, provided by Cabinet to the Head of Communities in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods, for the authorisation of Public Space Protection Orders remains in place for all future PSPO proposals.


(3)      Delegated authority remains as above to implement the recommended Public Space Protection Orders contained in this report and drafted in Appendix 3, those being:

a)     PSPO for Gloucester City relating to dog and alcohol nuisance provisions

b)     PSPO to supersede the Gating Order for Organs Alley

c)     PSPO to implement an Alcohol Free Zone for Gloucester City centre taking in to account the views of Overview and Scrutiny and Council.


(4)      The PSPO creating an alcohol free zone for the City Centre/BID area is implemented at a future date, following further consultation with partner agencies.


(5)      Further consultation be undertaken in Barton and Tredworth to explore the appropriateness of implementing PSPO(s) there, following requests from residents, partner agencies and ward councillors.


(6)      Gating Orders that are currently in place are scheduled for individual reviews, with all being completed by the end of 2019.


(7)      A review and update of the Safe & Attractive Streets Policy and PSPO guidance takes place.


(8)    A Memorandum of Understanding is drawn up for both the night    time and day time economies, between partner agencies who work within the City Centre and a “DaySafe” type meeting, to mirror NightSafe, is established.

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