Agenda item

Public Question Time (15 Minutes)

The opportunity is given to members of the public to put questions to Cabinet Members or Committee Chairs provided that a question does not relate to:


·            Matters which are the subject of current or pending legal proceedings or

·            Matters relating to employees or former employees of the Council or comments in respect of individual Council Officers.


25.1    A Gloucester resident asked the Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods, Councillor Watkins, in relation to works that were being carried out at the Rose Garden on London Road, how long the fence around the garden would be erected. Councillor Watkins stated that she was happy to have discussions regarding the Rose Garden at any point. With regard to the fencing, she advised that an exact time frame could not be provided but that she would feed concerns back. She further advised that she had been assured by the County Council that the site was safe.


25.2    The same Gloucester resident asked Councillor Watkins whether previous temporary accommodation figures that had been provided (which showed that 170 Gloucester households were in temporary accommodation) included minors and if they did not, could they be included. Councillor Watkins advised that there were 153 households in temporary accommodation which represented a 12% reduction since July. She further advised that ten of these were placed out of Gloucester which represented a 38% reduction in the same period.


25.3    Councillor Watkins stated that these figures represented households and that figures should be able to be produced to show how many minors there were.