Agenda item

Written Questions to Cabinet Members

Written questions and answers.  Only one supplementary question is allowed per question.


22.1    Question 3; Councillor Haigh noted that sanitary products were essential. Councilor Watkins  stated that she had invited Councillior Haigh to a meeting to discuss a compromise.


22.2    Question 4; Councillor Hilton requested a list of areas in Kingsholm where litter was picked on a daily basis. Councillor Cook undertook to supply the list.


22.3    Question 5; Councillor Hilton requested that the Cabinet Member for Environment reviewed the location of litter bins in Kingsholm. Councillor Cook undertook to do so if Councillor Hilton provided a list of bins in Kingsholm.


22.4    Question 8; Councilor Hilton asked if litter could be picked in Kingsholm immediately after events in the stadium. Councillor Cook stated that he understood litter picking took place from 8.00 am on the morning after large events.



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