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Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Joint Core Strategy - Issues and Options

To consider the report of the Cabinet Member for Planning and Housing Strategy seeking approval from for publication and consultation of the Joint Core Strategy ‘Issues and Options’ document.


34.1                Council considered the report of the Cabinet Member for Planning and Housing Strategy which sought approval for publication of and consultation on the Joint Core Strategy ‘Issues and Options’ document.


34.2                Councillor Organ advised that a new National Planning Policy Framework had been published which required a full review every five years and that plans should cover a period of fifteen years.


34.3                He noted that the other JCS authorities had approved the document for consultation on 15th October 2018.


34.5                Councillor Hilton believed that a full review of the Strategy after only one year was premature. He believed that priority should be given to the completion of the City Plan as the last plan dated from 1983. He noted that he still had not seen a list of new policies for the City Plan and expressed concerns that the public could be confused by a review of the JCS. He also expressed concern that sites outside the City boundary would cost less to develop than brownfield sites within the City.


34.6                Councillor Pullen thanked officers for the briefing and stated that he appreciated the reasons for the review of the JCS.


34.7                Councillor James, Leader of the Council            , noted that the Inspector had directed that two sections of the JCS be reviewed immediately. He stated that City Plan would not be delayed.


34.8                He noted that a ’brownfield first’ policy had been considered            but was not considered to be practical as all sites would be required. He confirmed that it was the Council’s intention to bring forward the brownfield sites as quickly as possible.


34.9               Councillor Organ stated that the JCS process had taken ten years to complete. Councillors had a role in helping to convey the message and he confirmed that the development of brownfield sites was very much the Council’s intention.


34.10RESOLVED that


(1)  The JCS Review Issues and Options consultation document (Appendix 1), be approved for public consultation under regulation 18 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012;


(2)  The Head of Place be authorised, after consultation with the Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning, to make minor amendments to the text of the document and appropriate changes to the design prior to its publication for consultation.


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