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Written Questions to Cabinet Members

Written questions and answers.  Only one supplementary question is allowed per question.


44.1    Councillor Haigh noted that three of the seven toilet cubicles in the new bus station were out of order and she asked Councillor James why all of the cubicles could not be gender neutral. Councillor James replied that the situation would be kept under review and advised that there had been a problem with the coin mechanisms on the cubicles. He undertook to check with Officers that the problem had been resolved.


44.2    Councillor Pullen thanked Councillor James for the detailed answer to his written question and asked why it seemed impossible to clean under benches and around litter bins; to repair paving stones rather than concrete or tarmac over the problem; and to clean out and repair drainage gullies. Councillor James advised that repairs should be reported to the County Council especially those following reinstatement of utilities.


44.3    Councillor Pullen acknowledged the planned and completed public realm works in the written answer and he asked Councillor James that having spent £30,000 on consultants to produce a public realm strategy for the Gate Streets what were the next steps to deliver the plan. Councillor James noted that the public realm strategy would be delivered in partnership as detailed in his written answer and after Kings Square had been addressed attention would be turned to the Gate Streets especially Eastgate and Westgate Streets.

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