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Written Questions to Cabinet Members

Written questions and answers.  Only one supplementary question is allowed per question.


33.1    In respect of question one, Councillor Coole asked if there would be a Cabinet report for each nomination to the local heritage list as he considered it onerous to do so. Councillor James advised that nominations would likely be grouped and that once this had occurred, he did not anticipate nominations being made regularly.


33.2    In respect of question four, Councillor Coole asked if Councillor Norman accepted there could was the potential for confusion among residents as to which ‘Gateway’ was the Council’s reception as there were other organisations in the City with the word ‘Gateway’ in the title. Councillor Norman advised that she would check with the customer services team that they said ‘Gloucester City Council Gateway’ when advised residents.


33.3    In respect of question five, Councillor Hilton asked what the s 106 monies would be used for in the case of Green Farm. Councillor Norman as the relevant ward Member stated that plans were being drawn up but that, with the current construction of the school, it was necessary to wait as s.106 money must be spent within a particular time frame. Councillor Gravells, as the relevant Cabinet Member, stated that he would write with more details.


33.4    In respect of question six, Councillor Stephens stated that the conditions of the footpath around a dementia care home on Stroud Road made it inaccessible for disabled residents. He asked for an assurance that it would be accessible. Councillor Cook advised that he had been assured that work take place in the winter.


33.5    In respect of question eleven, Councillor Wilson asked what information would be given to Members to respond to residents with concerns over a no-deal Brexit. Councillor James stated that as matters progressed, there was an expectation that Members would receive more enquiries. He stated that Members should be able to give appropriate advice and that Members would be provided with timely updates to enable them to carry out their roles.

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