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Freedom of Entry

To receive the report of Councillor James recommending that Freedom of Entry to the City be conferred upon NATO’s Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) in recognition of services rendered to the country and close links with the City.


53.1      The Mayor welcomed all those present and stated that it was a historic day. He welcomed the opportunity to bring together representatives of NATO’s Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) and Her Excellency Ms Enna Park and the delegation from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea.


53.2      He thanked the representatives for accepting the Council’s invitation and stated that the ARRC were very deserving of Freedom of Entry in view of their impeccable reputation, their role in delivering peace around the world and he paid tribute all those who serve and have served with the ARRC along with their families.


53.3      Councillor James moved the motion and thanked the Sheriff, Councillor Finnegan for nominating the ARRC for the honour and Group Leaders for their unanimous agreement. He welcomed the representatives of the ARRC, the Korean Ambassador and her delegation and thanked the Mayor for bringing the parties together.


53.4      In moving the motion Councillor James highlighted the important history of Gloucester’s military connections with South Korea and the pride, respect and affection Gloucester has for the Armed Forces, which had been demonstrated recently during Remembrance Sunday and the Rifles Freedom March. He stated that is was now time for the ARRC to receive Freedom of the City and noted the many reasons set out in the report, include the key part the ARRC plays in the life of the City. He explained that the ARRC reflected the diversity of Gloucester and commended the courage, bravery and skills of those serving with the ARRC.


53.5      The Sheriff seconded the motion and stated that the ARRC was a credit to the City. She explained why nominating the ARRC was of personal important and recounted her military upbringing and experiences of working in military hospitals. She commended the ARRC, their many achievements and noted that joining the military was akin to joining a family.


53.6      The Mayor put the motion to the vote.


53.7      RESOLVED - That, pursuant to Section 249 (5) of the Local Government Act 1972, Freedom of Entry to the City is conferred on NATO’s Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC).


53.8      The Mayor invited Lieutenant General Sir Edward Smyth-Osbourne KCVO CBE to respond on behalf of the ARRC.


53.9      Lieutenant General Sir Edward Smyth-Osbourne KCVO CBE thanked the City Council for granting the honour, which he viewed as a great compliment on the ARRC’s bond with Gloucester and a significant gesture of trust and respect. He noted that the ARRC moved to Imjin Barracks in 2010 and had laid down deep roots in the City, with many families living in Gloucester and building links with the Cathedral, Gloucester Rugby and Civic Leaders. He commended the recent Remembrance Sunday events which commemorated those who fought at the Battle of Imjin Rivier. He stated that he would now be looking to the future, building on the work carried out by his predecessors and exercise the newly conferred Freedom in 2020 to mark the 10th anniversary of the ARRC moving to Imjin Barracks. He thanks the City Council again for their kind words and the esteemed honour.


53.10   The Mayor presented Lieutenant General Sir Edward Smyth-Osbourne KCVO CBE with the Freedom scroll.

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