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Written Questions to Cabinet Members

Written questions and answers.  Only one supplementary question is allowed per question.


67.1    In relation to question four, Councillor Haigh asked Councillor Watkins if she would be approaching Restorative Gloucestershire to ensure it is highlighted and publicised. Councillor Watkins responded that Restorative Gloucestershire was there as a measure of last resort when anti-social behavior is particularly bad. Councillor Watkins pledged to speak to the Project Solace team to highlight it as a tool.


67.2    In relation to question nine, Councillor Field noted that, if cardboard becomes wet it would be almost worthless in terms of raising revenue from recycling. He asked Councillor Cook what could be done to improve the situation.


67.3    Councillor Cook replied that whilst its value was reduced, wet cardboard was not entirely without monetary value. Councillor Cook advised that there were holes at the bottom on the blue recycling bags for drainage and that the bags could be securely fastened with the Velcro provided at the top of each bag.

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