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Annual Report of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee 2019-20

To consider the Annual Report of the Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee for 2019-20.


19.1    Councillor Coole moved and Councillor Ryall seconded the motion. Councillor Coole stated that it was an honour to Chair the Committee for a unexpected further year, the May 2020 elections having been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


19.2    Councillor Coole thanked all Members of the Committee, particularly Councillor Ryall and Vice-Chair and Councillor Lewis as Spokesperson. They also stated how pleased they were to have Councillor Tracey back on the Committee as she brought a great deal of experience.


19.3    Councillor Coole outlined that since lockdown, they had been meeting with colleagues across the country and they reported that Gloucester is very well regarded for excellent and innovative scrutiny. They provided a summary of the work of the Committee over the course of the year and that the Committee had identified the culture portfolio as a priority for the year head. Councillor Coole advised that the Committee would be looking forward in terms of marketing the City in the future as well as examining COVID recovery plans in some detail.


19.4    Councillor Ryall praised the collegiately of the scrutiny process and the collaborative work with the Cabinet.


19.5    Councillor Lewis stated that Councillor Coole had developed the Committee into a real critical friend and that whilst some recommendations had been controversial, the culture had been very positive.


19.6    RESOLVED that:- the Annual Report of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee for 2019-20 be noted.

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