Agenda item


To receive announcements from:


a)         The Mayor

b)         Leader of the Council

c)          Members of the Cabinet

d)         Chairs of Committees

e)         Head of Paid Service


The Mayor


69.1    The Mayor announced that the Civic Service would take place on 22 May. She also announced that she would be attending a service to commemorate the Battle of Imjin on 25 April. It would be a small private gathering and she expressed her hope that there would be a significant public event later in the year.


69.2    The Mayor informed Members that she had attended the planting of the tree of life on 19 February to commemorate victims of HIV/AIDS.


Leader of the Council


69.3    Councillor Cook, the Leader of the Council, stated that it was good news that Covid infection rates across the City were significantly lower than they had been previously. He had written to Gloucestershire’s director of public health to express his thanks for their work. He also paid tribute to the public for their following the guidance.


69.4    Councillor Cook congratulated Councillor Taylor and his wife on the recent birth of their child.


Members of the Cabinet


69.5    The Cabinet Member for Planning and Housing Strategy, Councillor Gravells, announced that on the Monday just past, planners had submitted a bid to MCHLG to be part of a good design pilot.


69.6    The Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, Councillor Morgan informed Members that the first meeting of the marketing steering group had recently taken place. He also announced that, due to Covid restrictions, the Tall Ships Festival had been postponed and that other options were being considered.


Chairs of Committees


69.7    The Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Councillor Coole, informed Members that a special meeting of the Committee would take place on Wednesday 3 March to examine proposals for a new waste contract.