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Written Questions to Cabinet Members

Written questions and answers.  Only one supplementary question is allowed per question.


89.1       In respect of question 1, Councillor Field asked The Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure whether he could confirm that finances would be released to the Blackbridge Community Land Trust. In response Councillor Morgan replied that he would respond to Councillor Field with a specific answer in due course.


89.2       In respect of question 3, Councillor Field asked the Leader of the Council whether the new style bins that were to be installed would be direct replacements for existing bins. Councillor Cook stated that his understanding was that there would be new bins in the City Centre and old bins that were capable of being reused would be so elsewhere, with the aim of improving the bin provision in the City.



89.3       In respect of question 18 Councillor J. Brown asked the Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods what consideration would be given to the placement of new defibrillators within the City where they would be accessible to the Community, 24/7. In response, Councillor Watkins replied by stating that unfortunately, owing to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the work regarding the installment of defibrillators within the City had been delayed but that they had pledged to take the work to install accessible defibrillators forward.




89.4       In respect of question 20, Councillor D. Brown asked the Cabinet Member for Economic Recovery and Growth whether the figures for air quality monitoring could be circulated to him. In response, Councillor Melvin noted that the Policy & Governance Manager had circulated the figures he referred to but that she would be happy to recirculate the figures.



89.5       In respect of question 21, Councillor D. Brown expressed his disappointment in the answer. He asked the Cabinet Member for Economic Recovery and Growth whether there was a plan to use new technology to measure what pollutants were in the atmosphere. In response, Councillor Melvin stated that if there was a request to have monitoring equipment that the facility was available.





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