Agenda item

Election of Councillors

To note details of Councillors elected to the Council for a three-year term following the election of 6 May 2021 as set out below:



Collette Finnegan        (Conservative)

Andrew Gravells         (Conservative)



Laura Brooker             (Conservative)

Gordon Taylor             (Conservative)



Ashley Bowkett           (Liberal Democrat)

Joanne Brown             (Liberal Democrat)

Barton and Tredworth

Usman Bhaimia          (Labour)

Sajid Patel                   (Conservative)

Shamsuz Zaman         (Conservative)


Coney Hill

Andrew Durdey           (Conservative)



Howard Hyman           (Liberal Democrat)

Anne Radley               (Liberal Democrat)



Sylvia Evans               (Conservative)

Steve Morgan              (Conservative)



David Brown               (Liberal Democrat)

Declan Wilson             (Liberal Democrat)

Kingsholm and Wotton

Angela Conder            (Liberal Democrat)

Jeremy Hilton              (Liberal Democrat)



Richard Cook              (Conservative)

Jaro Kubaszczyk        (Conservative)



Linda Castle                (Liberal Democrat)

Clive Walford              (Conservative)

Kathy Williams            (Conservative)


Matson and Robinswood

Alastair Chambers      (Conservative)

Brendon O’Donnell     (Conservative)

Raymond Padilla        (Conservative)



Lyn Ackroyd                (Conservative)

Tree Chambers-Dubus           (Labour)

Terry Pullen                (Labour)



Sebastian Field           (Liberal Democrat)


Quedgeley Fieldcourt

Stephanie Chambers  (Conservative)

Hannah Norman         (Conservative)


Quedgeley Severn Vale

Justin Hudson             (Conservative)

Andrew Lewis             (Conservative)


Paula Dee                   (Conservative)

Colin Organ                 (Conservative)



Dawn Melvin               (Conservative)

Paul Toleman              (Conservative)

Pam Tracey                 (Conservative)





The Mayor noted details of Councillors elected to the Council for a three-year term following the election of 6 May 2021 as set out below:


Abbeydale                                                    Abbeymead

Collette Finnegan (Conservative)             Laura Brooker (Conservative)

Andrew Gravells (Conservative)               Gordon Taylor (Conservative)


Barnwood                                                    Barton and Tredworth

Ashley Bowkett (Liberal Democrat)          Usman Bhaimia (Labour)

Joanne Brown (Liberal Democrat)            Sajid Patel (Conservative)

Shamsuz Zaman (Conservative)


Coney Hill                                                    Elmbridge

Andrew Durdey (Conservative)                 Howard Hyman (Liberal Democrat)

                                                                        Anne Radley (Liberal Democrat)


Grange                                                          Hucclecote

Sylvia Evans (Conservative)                      David Brown (Liberal Democrat)

Steve Morgan (Conservative)                    Declan Wilson (Liberal Democrat)


Kingsholm and Wotton                            Kingsway

Angela Conder (Liberal Democrat)           Richard Cook (Conservative)

Jeremy Hilton (Liberal Democrat)              Jaro Kubaszczyk (Conservative)


Longlevens                                                  Matson and Robinswood

Linda Castle (Liberal Democrat)               Alastair Chambers (Conservative)

Clive Walford (Conservative)                     Brendon O’Donnell (Conservative)

Kathy Williams (Conservative)                   Raymond Padilla (Conservative)


Moreland                                                      Podsmead

Lyn Ackroyd (Conservative)                       Sebastian Field (Liberal Democrat)

Tree Chambers-Dubus (Labour)

Terry Pullen (Labour)


Quedgeley Fieldcourt                               Quedgeley Severn Vale

Stephanie Chambers (Conservative)       Justin Hudson (Conservative)

Hannah Norman (Conservative)               Andrew Lewis (Conservative)


Tuffley                                                           Westgate

Paula Dee (Conservative)                          Dawn Melvin (Conservative)

Colin Organ (Conservative)                       Paul Toleman (Conservative)

Pam Tracey (Conservative)