Agenda item

Platinum Jubilee Civic Honours Competition

To consider the report of the Managing Director concerning the requirements of the Platinum Jubilee Civic Honours Competition and seeking a decision as to whether the council wishes to apply for Lord Mayor status through the competition process.


19.1    Councillor Cook moved and Councillor Norman seconded the motion. Councillor Cook expressed that it would be an exceptional distinction to achieve Lord Mayor status and that following an application, Gloucester would be in a strong position to receive the honour.


19.2    Councillor Pullen stated that he valued the history, culture and tradition of the role and sought assurance that there would be no expenditure nor any additional mayoral spending. It was confirmed that this would be the case.


19.3    Councillor J. Brown recalled her time as Mayor, being the first US citizen to be in the role. She stated that if Gloucester was to be awarded Lord Mayor it would be a boost for the City, would draw visitors and give residents an extra sense of Civic pride.


19.4    Councillor D. Brown noted that a similar bid had been made some years ago which had some success and that he hoped Gloucester would be successful in this application.


19.5    Councillor Norman thanked Members for their enthusiasm and confirmed that the resource would be officer time in preparing the application and that being successful would far outweigh resources. Councillor Cook also confirmed that residents would be asked for their thoughts.


19.6    RESOLVED :- that the council enters the Platinum Jubilee Civic Honours Competition for Lord Mayor status and authority be delegated to the Managing Director, in consultation with Group Leaders, to prepare and submit the council’s application.


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