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Written Questions to Cabinet Members

Written questions and answers.  Only one supplementary question is allowed per question.


38.1       In respect of question 1, Councillor Hyman asked the Leader the City Council, Councillor Cook, whether the City Council worked with other authorities to work out the best practice to deal with Dog Fouling. In response, the Leader responded that, City Council Officers did not work formally with other authorities on the issue, and there were unfortunately not many instances of authorities being successful in catching Dog Foulers in the act.



38.2       In respect of question 2, Councillor Hilton asked the Cabinet Member for Planning and Housing Strategy what had gone wrong with the housing stock survey. In response, Councillor Gravells stated that he could not be held responsible for delays that had occurred during the Pandemic. He stated that there had been legal issues when the six local authorities went out to tender. He stated that he was keen for the survey to progress and would provide an update as soon as possible.


38.3       In respect of question 8, Councillor J.Brown asked the Leader why it was considered permissible for products and services which were damaging to the environment to advertise on the side of recycling vehicles. In response, Councillor Cook stated that he was not aware of the adverts in question and would require more detail.


38.4       In respect of Question 15, Councillor Castle asked the Cabinet Member for Planning and Housing Strategy, whether the land could be transferred to the City Council. In response, Councillor Gravells stated that he believed that it was a County Council issue but would be happy to signpost the member in the right direction, should she wish to get in touch.


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