Agenda item

Adoption of the Gloucester City Plan

To consider the report of the Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning Strategy concerning adoption of the Gloucester City Plan as a part of Gloucester City Council’s statutory Development Plan.


45.1    Councillor S. Chambers moved and Councillor Cook seconded the motion. Councillor S. Chambers highlighted key elements of the report, advising that it was the first City Plan to be adopted since 1983. She praised and thanked the planning policy team and noted the conservable work which had gone into producing the plan over a number of years. Councillor S. Chambers also thanked her predecessors, Councillor Gravells and the late Councillor Organ for, not only being forces behind the plan but their advice to her also. In moving the City Plan for approval, Councillor S. Chambers highlighted that the plan would ensure the homes and jobs the City needed would be delivered whilst enhancing the natural and built environment.


45.2    In concluding her remarks, Councillor S. Chambers noted that the Planning Policy Members’ Working Group had proved a good example of cross-party working and of putting party politics aside.


45.3    Councillor Hilton conveyed the thanks of the Liberal Democrat Group to all that had worked on the plan over the years and particularly the planning policy team who had seen it through to its conclusion. He stated that he was particularly impressed with the adoption of three particular policies – making tall buildings safe from falling, a degree of restrictions on homes in multiple occupation and restrictions on the number of hot food takeaways within certain distances of each other. He praised the practical decision making which had enabled the plan to come to fruition and that he was pleased to be voting in favour of its adoption.


45.4    Councillor Morgan echoed the praise of Members with particular regard to the challenge of the planning policy team having to navigate often complex legislative change. Further, he praised the political goodwill which had been on display throughout the process.


45.5    Councillor Pullen welcomed the plan and congratulated all those involved in its preparation. Of particular note, he stated, was the considerable time, commitment and professionalism displayed by the planning policy team. He shared his view that it was a very good document and that he looked forward to it being implemented.


45.6    Councillor Taylor stated that the Planning Committee looked forward to implementing the plan over the coming years.


45.7    Councillor A. Chambers praised the document, in particular the inclusion of safety measures atop tall buildings – a matter he stated architects often did not consider. He further praised the work of all those who had been involved in its preparation.


45.8    Councillor Gravells congratulated both Councillor S. Chambers and the planning policy team in their preparation and realisation of the plan. He highlighted that it was impressive that agreement had been reached in bringing the plan before Council.


45.9    RESOLVED that: -


(1)       The Gloucester City Plan 2011 – 2031 (Appendix 5) be adopted, incorporating all of the Main Modifications recommended by the Inspector (Appendix 2), together with the Additional Modifications (Appendix 6), as a part of Gloucester City Council’s statutory Development Plan.


(2)       The correction of any minor errors such as spelling, grammar, cross-referencing, typographical and formatting changes (including the addition of a foreword), that do not affect the substantive content of the plan be delegated to the Head of Place, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning; and to finalise and publish an updated and consolidated version of the Policies Map as it relates to the Gloucester City Plan.


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