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Performance Monitoring Quarter 2 Report - 2022/23

To consider the report of the Cabinet Member for Performance and Resources informing Members of the Council’s performance against key measures in Quarter 2 of 2022/23.


61.1    The Cabinet Member for Performance and Resources introduced the report and explained that the report set out the council’s performance against a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) for the second financial quarter of 2022. She noted that there were 28 key indicators, and that the performance data was set out in Appendix 1 of the report. The Cabinet Member for Performance and Resources further explained that where targets existed, they had been included along with a narrative to explain the data.


61.2    The Cabinet Member for Performance and Resources advised Members that areas seeing an improving trend were the average customer telephone waiting time, the percentage of domestic waste collected on time, footfall at the Museum of Gloucester and staff absence rate. She confirmed that areas seeing a declining trend included the number of unique visits to the Visit Gloucester website.


61.3    Councillor Hilton referred to KPI CCM-2 and the narrative confirming that only one Enforcement Officer was currently operating in the team. He asked for clarification as to how many officers would usually be operating in a normal established team, and whether the Cabinet Member could provide more information about how the council was supporting the contractor with their recruitment. The Cabinet Member noted that this was the portfolio area of the Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Environment and it was agreed that follow-up enquiries would be made with the Communities team to ascertain this information.


61.4    In response to a query from Councillor Wilson relating to CWB-13 and the percentage of compliant food premises, the Financial Services Manager confirmed that Councillor Wilson was correct that food inspection visits were still being undertaken however there were ongoing issues with recording the data due to the cyber incident.


61.5    Councillor Wilson asked whether this data would be backdated. The Cabinet Member for Performance and Resources confirmed that it would be, however she was not yet in a position to confirm the date as to when this data would be available.


61.6    The Chair referred to KPI CS-7 and the target of customer telephone waiting time to be below 1 minute 55 seconds. He expressed that in his view, this was still a long time for customers to wait and asked whether the Customer Services team had access to data detailing how many customers ended their call before it could be answered. The Cabinet Member for Performance and Resources confirmed that Customer Services did have this data, however there was no way of establishing whether calls had been dropped due to listening to the various prompt messages signposting alternative ways in which to access council services. She suggested that this matter could be covered in further detail during the ‘Here to Help’ Overview and Scrutiny Committee session.


61.7    Councillor Wilson asked whether the target time of 1 minute 55 seconds included the amount of time taken to read out the prompt message, The Cabinet Member for Performance and Resources confirmed that she would follow-up the query with the Customer Services team and the information would be circulated to Members in due course.


          RESOLVED – That the Overview and Scrutiny Committee NOTE the report.

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