Issue - decisions

Community Building in Gloucester

05/12/2018 - Community Building in Gloucester



(1)  Agree the vision, mission and principles for a longer-term approach to community building in Gloucester.


(2)  Approve the establishment of a formal partnership agreement with Barnwood Trust to deliver community building in the short-term and to delegate authority to the Corporate Director (Partnerships) in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods to finalise arrangements.


(3)  Note the budget, financing and the longer term financial approach to deliver community building in Gloucester.


(4)  Authorise the Corporate Director (Partnerships) to work towards setting up a separate legal entity such as a Community Interest Company (CIC) to undertake community building and to bring a further report back to Cabinet.


(5)  Authorise the Corporate Director (Partnerships) to explore the feasibility of transferring the Gloucester Lottery into a future CIC.


(6)  Commit the ‘Your Gloucester’ budget (£10k pa) to the project for two years

(7)  Commit £5k per annum of the Gloucester Lottery central fund to the project for two years.


(8)  Acknowledge that fundraising continues, but agree to cover any shortfall for the first two years as set out in section 8 of the report.


(9)  Undertake a piece of work on what input the community can have on community building

(10)         Organise a development session for Elected Members to explore Asset Based Community Development and Community Building more fully and that endeavours are made for it to include all Members.