Issue - decisions

Kings Quarter Development Progress

05/12/2018 - Regeneration at Kings Quarter



(1)       the following activities areapproved to assist in achieving the delivery       and discharge of likely planning conditions for a newly refurbished      Kings Square by the Autumn of 2020-


a)    Procurement of a demolition contractor to remove the former Furniture Recycling Project part of Grosvenor House and the old bus station structures.


b)    Procurement of archaeological and soil investigations for the proposed sites of Plot 1, 2 and 4.


c)    Procurement of a below ground geotechnical survey to agree the foundation structure for a new substation on Plot 2.


d)     Procurement of a Construction Design Management (CDM) Principal Designer. This is a legal requirement and must be in place prior to commencement of works on Kings Square and the wider quarter.


e)    Satisfaction of various planning conditions associated with Kings Square likely to include archaeological surveys, ground investigations and detailed construction drawings to enable the procurement of the contractors by Autumn 2019.


f)     Appointment of a legal advisor to provide assistance with the development of the S106 agreement.


(2)       it is noted that subject to any necessary consents being obtained and        the bids from the procurements listed in recommendation (1) being in    budget, the Head of Place, in consultation with the Council Solicitor,     will award the contracts to enable those works to be undertaken before             determination of the planning application. 


(3)       it is noted that the cost of refurbishing Kings Square is included in the       Council’s draft capital programme to be presented to Full Council in   February 2019.  Further budget will need to be identified for the next    phases of the regeneration programme. Preliminary Enabling Works          associated with this have been listed in Appendix A Table 2 of the       report.