Issue - decisions

Social Enterprise Activity

05/12/2019 - Social Enterprise Activity



(1)  the review of the grass cutting trial in Podsmead ward as delivered by the  Stewkley Enterprise Agency be noted 


(2)  it be approved that the continuation of grass cutting in Podsmead ward and note that the Head of Communities will, following the grant of a waiver of the Council’s Contract Rules, in consultation with the Council’s Solicitor, enter into a new services contract with by the Stewkley Enterprise Agency following engagement with stakeholders to confirm contract scope


(3)  plans to explore a further trial of the scheme in Matson & Robinswood ward and any other community which comes forward be approved


(4)  it be noted that if the Podsmead Clearance Team and Podsmead Big Local become a legal entity, the Head of Communities will consider whether to terminate the contract with Stewkley Enterprise Agency and enter into a new arrangement with the new entity (subject to the grant of waiver).