Issue - decisions

Public Space Protection Orders

16/01/2020 - Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) Update Report



(1)  ongoing work of PSPOs and Street Aware be endorsed


(2)  proposals contained in this report be endorsed–

a.    That existing PSPOs as mentioned in paragraph 3.2.1 are next reviewed in 2022

b.    That any gating-order type PSPOs are reviewed on a three-yearly basis

c.     That begging continues to be dealt with via the Street Aware partnership initiative rather than be included in a PSPO

d.    That street trading and entertainment be incorporated in to the City Council’s enforcement policy rather than incorporated in to a PSPO which would duplicate existing legislation


(3)  it be endorsed that the Council’s `engage, support, enforce’ approach continues as its primary means of dealing with street based nuisance, with PSPOs used as a supporting tool.