Issue - decisions

Climate Change Strategy to Reach the 2030 Zero Carbon Target

10/12/2020 - Climate Change Strategy



(1)            the draft action plan be subject to a targeted consultation with the Environment and Ecology Forum and the Climate Change cross-party Member Group


(2)            authority be delegated to the City Council Climate Change Manager, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Environment, to make any changes to the actions following the consultation referred to above prior to submitting a report to Full Council in early 2021.


(3)            the steps needed to move the whole City towards carbon neutrality by 2050 are noted as per the appendix report, and that officers continue to develop this city-wide action plan.




(4)            subject to (1) and (2) above, the actions contained in the CLS report (appendix 1 of the report) are adopted as a plan for achieving the goal of net zero carbon emissions by the city council by 2030.