Issue - decisions

Review of Policy for the Provision of Sandbags to the Public

16/07/2021 - The Use of Sandbags during Flooding Events



(1)  it is confirmed that householders continue to be primarily responsible for the protection of their own property;


(2)  it is confirmed that householders at frequent risk from flooding continue to be primarily responsible for being prepared in advance of the onset of flooding;


(3)  it is affirmed that the Council’s primary roles in relation to flood management in the city are:


a)    source of advice to householders to make appropriate provision for protecting their property in the event of a flooding incident and find alternative methods of protection such as flood barriers and other physical measures;


b)    to manage and maintain watercourses within its own ownership;


c)    through production of appropriate strategic planning policies and enforcement of planning conditions related to flood management and


d)    during and after a flooding incident, to provide support as requested/appropriate by the lead flood agencies (Environment Agency and Gloucestershire County Council) in this area;


(4) the policy statement outlined in Appendix 1 of the report is adopted.