Issue - decisions

Financial Monitoring Quarter 3 Report

22/09/2022 - Financial Monitoring Quarter 3 - 2021/22

RESOLVED it is noted that:


                    (1)         the forecast year-end position for the financial year is currently a decrease to the General Fund balance of £109k against a budgeted increase of £129k


                    (2)         the details of specific budgetary issues identified by officers and the actions being taken to address those issues


                    (3)         the current level of Capital expenditure is as shown in Appendix 2 of the report


                    (4)         the financial implications of Covid-19 and the level of economic recovery from the effects of the pandemic will continue to be monitored and reported alongside any grant funding provided to mitigate the spend or lost income


                    (5)         the estimated nature of some of the figures included in the report because of the cyber incident in December 2021.