Issue - decisions

Parking Review

12/01/2023 - Car Parking - Tariff Increase



(1)       the car parking tariffs are increased to reflect inflationary pressures, encourage people to consider other alternative modes of transport and better reflect current parking trends


(2)       the number of parking zones is reduced from 3 to 2 zones through the combination of the current zones 1 & 2 into a single zone to reflect the changes being bought about by the redevelopment of the City Centre and bring regularity across our City Centre car parks


(3)       the tariff options are regularised for purchasing tickets for users of the car parks, by removing the 1-hour option, in line with other comparable car parks and to encourage a longer visit to support our city centre businesses


(4)       the Director of Policy and Resources in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Policy and Resources is authorised to undertake the necessary statutory procedures to implement these changes as outlined in the report and in appendix 1 to the report


(5)       a review of car parking charges is undertaken biennially