Issue - decisions

Car Parking- Tariff Increase & Charging Hours Amendments

07/12/2023 - Car Parking- Tariff Increase & Charging Hours Amendments



(1)           Hare Lane North and Great Western Road car parking tariffs are adjusted to reflect the new proposed tariffs (Appendix 1 of the report)


(2)           the tariff options for purchasing tickets for users of the car parks are regularised removing the 1-hour option and including a 2-hour option (where applicable)


(3)           Kings Walk and Eastgate Car Parks are removed from the traffic regulation order


(4)           authority is delegated to the Property and Investment Manager in consultation with the Head of Finance and Resources and the Cabinet Member for Performance and Resources to undertake the necessary statutory procedures to implement the changes outlined in the report


(5)           the contractual arrangements are reviewed for all car parks regarding app-based payments taking into account the new National Parking Platform proposed by the Department for Transport


(6)           GL1 car park remains under the existing chargeable tariff times without change, due to the unique relationship between sports and leisure providers and the Council.