Issue - decisions

Proposed Sale of Land at Podsmead for the Purpose of Commencing Regeneration

11/01/2024 - Transfer of Sites in Podsmead to Enable the Regeneration of the Estate

RESOLVED that delegated authority is given to the Head of Finances and Resources, in consultation with the Cabinet Members for Performance & Resources and Planning & Housing Strategy, the Head of Communities and the Head of Place to:


(1)      conclude and agree heads of terms with Gloucester City Homes (GCH) for the disposal of the freehold interest in the areas of sites shown edged Red on the Plan (“the sites”) whether by one or more transactions, and that a cost benefit analysis informs the final decision on disposal;


(2)      take all necessary steps and undertake necessary procedures, including entering into any legal arrangements or other documentation as may be required to implement or facilitate estate regeneration in line with those heads of terms (save for regulator matters).