Issue - decisions

Private Sector Stock Condition Survey

07/03/2024 - Private Sector Stock Condition Survey



(1)       the contents of the Private Sector Stock Condition Survey are noted;


(2)       the overarching conclusion set out in the Private Sector Stock Condition Survey report that the condition of housing stock across Gloucester is generally good compared with the national picture, is noted;


(3)       it is noted that despite the positive feedback on housing conditions, there remain pockets of poor housing across the city that impact on the health and well-being of residents across all tenures;


(4)       the improvement of housing standards since the previous Private Sector Stock Condition Survey in 2011 is noted;


(5)       the following recommendations to address the key conclusions set out in the survey report are agreed:


a)         the Council will continue to target resources to maintain and improve housing standards and environmental issues in Barton and Tredworth;

b)         officers continue to work to bring empty homes back into use with a focus on empty dwellings in Kingsholm and Wotton, and Barton and Tredworth;

c)          the Planning Committee will determine whether there is a business case for an Article 4 Direction to be introduced to manage the conversion of existing dwellings to small HMOs in one or more areas of the city;

d)         the Council continues to support the Warm and Well Partnership to deliver energy efficiency advice and improvements to residents across Gloucester;

e)         officers explore opportunities to partner with an ethical low-cost loan organisation to deliver home repair and improvement loans (including Sharia compliant finance) to residents;


(6)       the high level of support and co-operation of households that agreed to participate in the Private Sector Stock Condition Survey is acknowledged.