Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Gloucester Business Improvement District (BID) Proposal for BID Term 2 ref: 123804/05/202213/05/2022Call-in expired
Gloucestershire Statement of Common Ground ref: 123704/05/202213/05/2022Call-in expired
ICT Services: Options Report ref: 124004/05/202213/05/2022Call-in expired
Gloucester City Plan - Main Modifications ref: 123604/05/202213/05/2022Call-in expired
Leisure and Culture Options Appraisal, Contract Extension and Interim Arrangements ref: 123904/05/202213/05/2022Call-in expired
Equalities Working Group Update ref: 123506/04/202215/04/2022Call-in expired
Treasury Management Strategy 2022/23 ref: 123309/03/202219/03/2022Call-in expired
Financial Monitoring Quarter 3 - 2021/22 ref: 123109/03/202219/03/2022Call-in expired
Pay Policy Statement 2022/23 ref: 123409/03/202230/09/2022Call-in expired
Performance Monitoring Quarter 3 - 2021/22 ref: 123009/03/202219/03/2022Call-in expired
To Approve the Use of Community Protection Notices ref: 122909/03/202219/03/2022Call-in expired
Public Access Defibrillator Provisions ref: 122809/03/202219/03/2022Call-in expired
Cultural Strategy Progress Report ref: 122709/03/202219/03/2022Call-in expired
Capital Strategy 2022/23 ref: 123209/03/202219/03/2022Call-in expired
Tourism and Destination Marketing Report 2022 ref: 122409/02/202218/02/2022Call-in expired
Final Budget Proposals (including Money Plan and Capital Programme) ref: 122109/02/202218/02/2022Call-in expired
Festivals and Events Programme ref: 122309/02/202218/02/2022Call-in expired
Business Rates 2022/23 – Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Relief ref: 122609/02/202218/02/2022Call-in expired
Homeseeker Plus Policy Update ref: 122509/02/202218/02/2022Call-in expired
Gloucester City Monuments Review ref: 122209/02/202218/02/2022Call-in expired
Risk Management Annual Report 2021/22 ref: 120614/09/202223/09/2022Call-in expired
Report of the Historic Places Panel Following its Visit to Gloucester in October 2021 ref: 120114/09/202223/09/2022Call-in expired
Housing, Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy Update ref: 120214/09/202223/09/2022Call-in expired
Social Value Policy Progress Update ref: 120414/09/202223/09/2022Call-in expired
Community Safety Partnership and Activity Update ref: 120314/09/202223/09/2022Call-in expired
Performance Monitoring Quarter 1 - 2022/23 ref: 120514/09/202223/09/2022Call-in expired
St Oswalds, Eastgate Centre and Kings Walk Leases ref: 122012/01/202212/01/2022Not for call-in
Council Plan 2021-24 ref: 121812/01/202221/01/2022Call-in expired
Gloucester Commission to Review Race Relations ref: 121912/01/202221/01/2022Call-in expired
Grounds Maintenance ref: 121308/12/202117/12/2021Call-in expired
Proposed Disposal of Barbican House, 31 Commercial Road, to Gloucestershire Academy of Music ref: 121608/12/202117/12/2021Call-in expired
Estate Management Company for Kings Quarter ref: 121208/12/202117/12/2021Call-in expired
Kings Quarter The Forum Phase 2 Approval ref: 121708/12/202117/12/2021Call-in expired
Review of Office Accommodation ref: 121508/12/202117/12/2021Call-in expired
Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) 2020/21 and Annual Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Rate Summary Statement ref: 121408/12/202117/12/2021Call-in expired
Local Council Tax Support Scheme 2022/23 ref: 121108/12/202117/12/2021Call-in expired
Performance Monitoring Quarter 2 - 2021/22 ref: 121008/12/202117/12/2021Call-in expired
Financial Monitoring - Quarter 2, 2021/22 ref: 120908/12/202117/12/2021Call-in expired
Treasury Management Update - Mid Year Report 2021/22 ref: 120808/12/202117/12/2021Call-in expired
Draft Money Plan 2022-27 & Budget Proposals 2022/23 ref: 120708/12/202117/12/2021Call-in expired