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GLOSLINKS is the Twinning Organisation which maintains the links between Gloucester and its European Twin Towns of Gouda (Holland), Metz (France) and Trier (Germany). We also have close links with the St Ann Society which is twinned with St Ann in Jamaica>


Our aims are:

  • friendship
  • cultural exchange
  • understanding and learning
  • We are active in promoting these links by:
  • exchange visits
  • personal visits
  • cultural visits

We arrange exchange visits mainly for adults to each town every third year and receive a visit from one of our twin towns every year. We usually stay with families and later they come to Gloucester and stay with us. Many of our members have made great friendships with friends abroad and visit them frequently.


We have a full programme of social events throughout the year and welcome new members from all sections of the Gloucester community.

Contact information

Christine Davies

Phone: 01452 617306

Our representatives