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Written Questions to Cabinet Members

Written questions and answers.  Only one supplementary question is allowed per question.




23.1    As a supplementary to her question, Councillor Ryall reported that residents in her ward continued to experience refuse not being collected and queried why access had become such an issue, given that the vehicle and street sizes had not changed. She went on further to question whether the Council would be liable for any health and safety litigation, given that some residents were having to move their own waste and recycling containers to the vehicles to ensure they were emptied.


23.2    Councillor Cook reported that the waste and recycling vehicles struggled to gain access in some narrow streets within the City Centre and were further hampered by the increasing sizes of vehicles parked in those streets. He commented that the 7.5 tonne truck, which delivered a smaller payload than some of the other vehicles in the fleet was already over capacity. He acknowledged that the Council would need to consider whether a vehicle similar in size, but with a larger payload would need to be purchased for the future.


            He stated that he was unsure if there were any liability concerns with residents taking their own waste and recycling bins to the vehicles but noted that this seemed a sensible approach in areas of the City where vehicle access was a significant issue.

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