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Meeting: 21/03/2019 - Council (Item 78)

Notices of Motion



“This council agrees that a strong presence of police officers walking the beat in the city of Gloucester would be good for reducing crime and disorder. 


This council notes that around 300 police officers have been lost throughout the county in recent years, as well as a reduction in the number of police and community support officers.


This council expresses concern about the rising incidence of violent crime in Gloucestershire and also the noticeable increase in anti-social behaviour seen in public places in the city of Gloucester. 


The council agrees to lobby the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Chief Constable, the city MP and the Home Secretary to increase funding for Gloucestershire Constabulary to allow for expansion of neighbourhood policing and to put more bobbies on the beat.”




“Protection of the environment and safeguarding the planet for future generations is one of the greatest challenges facing all of us. Whether it be climate change, pollution or the ever-increasing use of the earth’s finite resources we must all personally reflect on the effect we are having on our fragile planet.


The City Council can be proud of the many environmental accomplishments it has already achieved. These include our high levels of waste recycling, the decision to limit the plastics we use and the energy efficiency measures that have been implemented.


However, we cannot be complacent. Our minds should always be focused on how we can all do more.


To this end Council RESOLVES that:


1.     All policy documents and decisions made by the Council should formally consider the impact they will have on the environment.


2.     This should include a paragraph on all reports detailing any environmental implications


3.     The Council will produce an annual progress report which will be presented to the Overview & Scrutiny Committee to measure and suggest any recommendations for the continuing reduction in negative environmental impact.”




“This council notes that Debenhams PLC has recently announced a profits warning and that throughout the UK its stores are suffering from poor trading conditions.


This council notes that Debenhams PLC is planning to close possibly 50 stores around the country.

This council also agrees that the Debenhams store in Gloucester is a focal point in Kings Square and provides an anchor for the Kings Quarter regeneration project.

This council agrees that the leader of the council should work closely with all interested parties to secure the long term future of the Debenhams Department Store in the city centre.

This council confirms that Gloucester must continue to benefit from a department store trading at the location where Debenhams is today.”




“This Council notes that all people should be treated with dignity and respect when they die and if they die in poverty, alone or unclaimed by relatives that it is the Council’s responsibility to make funeral arrangements, known as public health funerals. Council further notes that recourse to public health funerals  ...  view the full agenda text for item 78