Issue - meetings


Meeting: 26/09/2019 - Council (Item 32)

Notices of Motion



“This council notes that planning permission was granted on the 2nd of May 2019 for the construction of a revised football stadium at Meadow Park (19/0008/FUL). 


This council notes that the directors of Gloucester City Association Football Club have applied for funding to the Football Stadia Improvement Fund, to help towards the cost of stadium’s construction.


This council agrees to continue to give its active support to Gloucester City Association Football Club in its return to Meadow Park.”




"This council can and must do more to tell the story of Gloucester."




“Council has declared a climate emergency and agreed to take action to make its carbon footprint neutral by 2030. It has further agreed that the whole of Gloucester should be carbon neutral by 2050.


Council recognises that a key part of achieving this will be to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly public transport system that precludes the use of petrol/ diesel propelled vehicles. Council further notes that this is in line with national government policy.


Council therefore endorses that we should move to all buses operating in the City being electric and that the City’s hackney carriage and private hire fleets should be net carbon neutral, with a target date of implementation of no later than 2026.


Council resolves:


1.    To request the Cabinet Member for the Environment to pursue urgent discussions with the Cabinet Member for Climate Change at the County Council to negotiate with the bus operators with a view to developing a timetable and action plan to convert the relevant fleets to use all electric vehicles as soon as possible, but no later than 2026.


2.    To prepare a detailed report on the above to the Cabinet within 6 months of the approval of this notice of motion.


3.    To prepare a report to the Licensing Committee in respect of the licensing of hackney carriage and private hire vehicles with a view to making both these fleets carbon neutral by 2026.


4.    That proposals to establish a network of charging points including within the development of Kings Quarter be developed as part of the above process.


5.    That the Council’s 2020/ 2021 capital & revenue budgets are drafted to contain provision for any costs that the Council will need to bear in relation to the above.


6.    That we lobby the government and the City MP to increase funding to local authorities to develop the charging infrastructure needed to maintain an all-electric vehicle transport system.”