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Planning Committee

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Information about Planning Committee

Purpose of the Planning Committee


Most planning applications received by the council are decided by a planning officer. However, some applications are decided at the monthly planning committee meetings which normally take place the first Tuesday of each month. These are usually high-profile planning applications which have created a lot of public interest.


The planning officers prepare a detailed report for each application to be considered by the committee and these reports are contained in the committee agenda published five working days before the meeting. All reports are available on the link above on browse meetings and agendas for this committee. 


Updates to the agenda papers are published prior to the meeting and there may be a final update for members to read on the day of the meeting.


Members of the public can attend Planning Committees and arrangements for public speaking are set out below. Occasionally, there may be an "exempt" item which needs to be decided in closed session and the Chairman will announce this at the start of the meeting. 



Public Speaking at the Planning Committee


We encourage public involvement in the planning process and members of the public have the opportunity to put their views on a planning proposal direct to the planning committee.


Only individuals who have made written representations will be eligible to speak. If you would like to register to speak, please contact us on 01452 396203 or 01452 396158, or email any time after the publication of the agenda but by no later than 17.00 on the day before the Planning Committee meeting.


Registering to speak will not guarantee an opportunity to address the Committee. This is because with some applications there may be many requests to speak from the same viewpoint. In this situation we ask that a single speaker represents the group. The onus is upon the parties concerned to communicate with each other and agree who should act as the spokesperson. If an agreement on a spokesperson is not reached, the speaking slot will be given to the first registered speaker.


The Chairman will invite the registered speaker to speak for 5 minutes to outline their views. This time limit will be strictly enforced.