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Overview and Scrutiny Committee

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Information about Overview and Scrutiny Committee

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee is the overall body responsible for co-ordinating scrutiny at Gloucester City Council. It conducts both pre and post-scrutiny of Cabinet and Council decisions, and commissions Task & Finish Groups to investigate specific policy areas. Its main responsibilities can be summarised as follows:

  • Co-ordinating and leading scrutiny of Council and Cabinet decisions.
  • Acting as a ‘critical friend’ for Council and Cabinet.
  • Tracking the progress of recommendations made by Task & Finish groups once they have received a Cabinet response
  • Undertaking scrutiny work required by legislation, such as Comprehensive Area Assessments, Crime and Disorder or Councillor Call for Action
  • Monitoring the Forward Plan and deciding which policy areas to scrutinise, for example:
  • Corporate Performance
  • General Scrutiny Issues
  • Corporate Governance (Scrutiny)
  • Financial Monitoring
  • Managing overall scrutiny work plan and resolving resource issues
  • Pre-scrutiny of Executive decisions
  • Scrutiny of bodies external to Gloucester City Council


You may find the following link to the Centre for Public Scrutiny helpful: