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Written Questions to Cabinet Members

Written questions and answers.  Only one supplementary question is allowed per question.


49.1  In respect of question 1, Councillor Coole noted that the Council had committed to the Armed Forces Community Covenant and asked if further action would be taken to ensure people do not fall through the net.  Councillor Watkins advised that proposals were being discussed.


49.2  In respect of question 3, Councillor Hilton enquired if the Cabinet Member was aware that tents had been observed in places in addition to those mentioned, including Deans Way Meadow and St Oswalds.  Councillor Watkins confirmed that further sites had since been reported.  She took the opportunity to urge Members and communities alike to report incidents to StreetLink and gave reassurance that action would not be taken until the individual circumstances and needs of the people involved had been assessed.


49.3  In respect of question 6, Councillor Hilton advised that a charity had distributed tents to homeless people and asked if they had been told that this was not recommended by the Council.  Councillor Watkins stated that the issue would be raised and confirmed that the Council worked closely with partners, charities and faith groups. 


49.4  In respect of question 8, Councillor Brazil sought clarification of the source of the £49,000 applied for from the GWR Customer and Communities Improvement Fund.  Councillor Watkins replied that a written response would be provided.


49.5  In respect of question 12, Councillor Field asked how much European Union funding would be spent.  Councillor Cook advised that £2 million was to be split across a large number of areas and gave assurance that he would find out how much of that would go to Podsmead.


49.6  In respect of question 14, Councillor Haigh sought reassurance that any planned activities would appear on the Holocaust Memorial Trust Activities Map.  Councillor Watkins confirmed that they would.

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