Agenda item

Annual Report of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee

To receive the Annual Report of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee.


86.1       Councillor Coole introduced the report and highlighted key elements. Councillor Coole outlined the work undertaken by the Overview & Scrutiny Committee. Councillor Coole thanked members and officers for their support over the past few years as a serving Councillor.  Councillor Coole moved and Councillor Ryall seconded the motion.


86.2       Councillor Ryall stated that she wished to echo the comments made by Councillor Coole. She said that hoped that the good work carried out by the Overview & Scrutiny Committee over the past five years carried on.


86.3       Councillor Lewis thanked Councillor Coole and Ryall for their contribution as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee respectively.


86.4       Councillor Hilton stated that he believed that the Scrutiny process was more satisfying for the City Council in comparison to Gloucestershire County Council.


86.5       RESOLVED that: - the Annual Report of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee for 2020-21 be noted.


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