Agenda item


To receive announcements from:


a)        The Mayor

b)        Leader of the Council

c)        Members of the Cabinet

d)        Chair of Committees

e)        Head of Paid Service


The Mayor


84.1    The Mayor announced that Councillor Patel had received a High Sherriff award for his contribution to policing in Barton and Tredworth.


84.2    The Sherriff, Councillor Hudson, had donated a new Sherriff’s board to the Council.


84.3    The Mayor informed Members that Councillor Bhaimia was to receive a long service award recognising his 20 years as a Councillor.


84.4    Councillor Pullen received a long service award recognising his 10 years as a Councillor.


The Leader of the Council


84.5    Councillor Cook announced that he would not be seeking re election at the upcoming City Council elections.


84.6    It was announced that the following Councillors would also not be seeking re election and tributes were paid to Members and Officers:


-   Councillor Morgan

-   Councillor Norman

-   Councillor Padilla

-   Councillor Taylor

-   Councillor Toleman

-   Councillor D. Brown

-   Councillor J. Brown


Members of the Cabinet


84.7    Councillor Norman announced that measures were being put in place to re-open Longsmith Street car park which would benefit both residents and the financial position of the parking portfolio.


84.8    Councillor Lewis informed members that £1.5m had been awarded in funding for the City’s cultural sector across a number of organisations and thanked all those who had placed bids.


84.9    Councillor S. Chambers announced that the temporary accommodation property acquisition programme was progressing well and that the Council had successfully bid for £2m of funding to assist with this.


Head of Paid Service


84.10  The Head of Paid Service informed Members that the Notice of Election in regard to elections taking place on 2 May would be published the next day. This began the pre-election period and he outlined the pre-election guidance.