Issue - decisions

Gloucester Culture Trust Annual Report

12/09/2019 - Gloucester Culture Trust Future Financial Support and Kings House



(1)  to note the potential significant external funding opportunities opened by having an active, well-regarded, and successful Cultural Trust with a growing track record of delivery

(2)  to commit to providing further core funding of £100,000 over 3 years from 2020/21 and authorise the Corporate Director to enter into grant and service level agreements with the Gloucester Culture Trust.

(3)  to strategically review the effectiveness of the 2019/20 City Council Festivals & Events programme with a view to identifying the potential to commit to allocating a proportion of the budget towards a Gloucester Festivals Innovation Fund

(4)  to authorise the Corporate Director, after consultation with the Cabinet Lead Members for Regeneration and Economy and Culture and Leisure and the Solicitor to the Council, to negotiate terms and conclude leases with the Gloucester Culture Trust and The Music Works in each case for a term of 20 years from completion and at a peppercorn rent, and upon such other terms and conditions as the Corporate Director considers appropriate.