Issue - decisions

Financial Monitoring Quarters 1,2 and 3 Report

04/05/2023 - Financial Monitoring Report - February 2023

RESOLVED that it is noted that the:


                    (1)         forecast year-end position for the financial year is currently a decrease to the General Fund balance of £287k against a budgeted net zero position;


                    (2)         details of specific budgetary issues identified by officers and the actions being taken to address those issues;


                    (3)         current level of Capital expenditure as shown in Appendix 1 to the report;


                    (4)         work to reconstitute the large volume of data from the manual transactions processed following the cyber incident in December 2021 into the system is in progress. The volume of manual data being analysed and reconciled means that there will be movements between the outturns forecast for the detailed categories, and that the figures provided are the best estimates based on current analyses.