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In 1984 the Policy and Resources Committee of Gloucester City Council first discussed the possibility of a twinning link with a town in Jamaica. Gloucester already had established links with the European towns of Trier in Germany, Metz in France and Gouda in the Netherlands. However, Committee Chair, Councilor Tony Ayland believed that establishing links with Jamaica would give recognition to the growing Jamaican Community in Gloucester.

A review of older members of the Caribbean community living in Gloucester revealed that a large percentage had their roots in the parishes of St Ann and St Catherine in Jamaica. It had first been mooted that Gloucester could be twinned with St Catherine as the majority of Jamaicans in Gloucester originated from that parish. St Catherine was however already linked with Lambeth in London. St Ann was therefore proposed for the twinning project. This proposal became reality on 1 May 1987 with the signing of a formal linking document by Mr Tony Ayland the then Mayor of Gloucester and Mr Renford Gentles the Mayor of St Ann.

One of the first twinning event followed in 1987/1988 with reciprocal visits by youth groups from both communities. These visits were a great success and the young people undertook community projects as well as cultural visits to familiarise themselves with the communities involved with the twinning.

In 1988, following extensive damage to Jamaica by Hurricane Gilbert, the Mayor of Gloucester launched a City wide appeal for the people of St Ann who had suffered from the effects of the hurricane.

The St Ann Society of Gloucester is now firmly establishes and is well known in the City for its active social calendar of events including an annual cricket match against the Continental Cricket Club of Birmingham; trips to exhibitions and the annual Jamaica Independence service in London, Bun and Cheese evenings at Easter and competitive quiz nights.

Members of the Society are kept informed of developments and activities through regular newsletters and an annual general meeting. The Society celebrated its 10th anniversary in 1997.

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